Thank Evans requests that, in the first instance, all queries, complaints and suggestions are raised by telephone on (01224) 329 120. Where the parent or carer feels unable to do so, Thank Evans asks that they are raised in writing to the following address: Rubislaw Den House, 23 Rubislaw Den North, Aberdeen, AB15 4AL or via email


If a parent or carer has any issue or suggestions regarding Thank Evans or the way our service operates, including policies and procedures, they should approach Susan Evans.


If a parent has any issue regarding their child, they should raise this, in the first instance, with the staff member assigned to them. If the parent feels unable to do so, then they should approach Susan Evans.


If a carer has any issue regarding the child in their care, they should raise this, in the first instance, with the parent. If they feel unable to do so, then they should approach Susan Evans.


Thank Evans will respond, in the same method as approached, within 5 working days, where possible.


Thank Evans will keep the parent or carer informed of the progress of any matter raise

Failure by the Client to comply with clause 8e) will result in the relevant fees being charged to the Client responsible for the passing on of Employee/Applicant contact details as is stated in Thank Evans’ Terms of Business.

Failure by an Employee to comply with any section of this policy could result in disciplinary procedures being implemented.

If any parent or carer feels that Thank Evans has not considered their concerns in enough depth or that our response has not satisfied their concern, they are asked to approach the correct governing body for their type of contract, as below;


Private Clients

should approach the Aberdeen Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland who, as the governing body, may be able to help further.

Johnstone House, Rose Street, Aberdeen AB10 1UD (01224) 793870


Social Work referred contracts

(both Direct and Non-Direct payments) can approach the SCSWIS (as above) or Aberdeen City Social Work Department who, as the governing bodies, may be able to help further

Chief Social Work Officer, Aberdeen City Council,
Community Services Social Work, St. Nicholas House,
Broad St, Aberdeen AB10 1AX
(01224) 522939