• We have used services of TE for almost two and half years before returning to France. Shortly after our arrival to Aberdeen I took a full time job and with my husband working long hours it would have been impossible for us to have two professional careers without the help from our nannies. Being at work knowing our kids were always in safe hands was a great relief and piece of mind for us.
    Vanessa has been with us since the first day until the very end and became part of our family. Reliable, professional and with great sense of responsibility she knew how to handle two young boys gently yet making sure educational rules were followed even in our absence.
    Isabel spend only around a year with us however she was a perfect fit for our family: always smiling, with positive energy and drive, our boys became attached to her very quickly. She love kids and and handles them very well, organised activities and daily schedule very well.
    The support of office team was very good as well, we appreciated timely response to our questions, emails and all situations. For various reasons we had to change one of our nannies several times and TE always found a solution.
    Thank you again for all your support and help.

  • Rengifo Family - Regular Client
  • On a score of 1-4, 1 being poor & 4 being excellent, this family gave Margaret Finch a 4+ in all aspects. They have baby twins & a toddler at home. Margaret is reliable, hardworking, trustworthy & at the same time supports mummy in a way she feels she is still in control!
    We all have a very positive experience of Thank Evans!

  • Harries family - Regular Client
  • Email communications with Gillian were friendly, responsive and helpful. Communications with Amber before the scheduled babysitting were responsive and friendly. Amber came across confident and caring.
    We are unused to having babysitters so weren’t entirely sure what Amber would need. She allayed any concerns and was clear about what she needed to know which gave us confidence.

  • Adhoc Client Nanny Service
  • Excellent, I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Thank Evans for any childcare needs. All carers have been very polite, punctual, knowledgeable and efficient.

  • Kate Wemyss - Adhoc Client Service
  • Excellent provision of school holiday cover for the fifth year now, Hayley was very tolerant of our busy family life. We would definitely use Thank Evans again as we have never had an issue with staff who care for our children.

  • Summer holiday cover
  • We are absolutely delighted, our baby is so calm and relaxed with Freya, who was stimulating him with songs and other activities. It’s crystal clear that she loves dealing with babies leveraging what she has studied so we’d definitely recommend her to other families!

  • Adhoc Client Nanny Service
  • I am happy with the nannies that come in and watch my daughter. They arrive on time and she gets on well with all of them, I am informed every night when I come home what they have done that day. If I leave instructions this is followed through and my house is generally tidy. It’s a great service that you offer and I would recommend your service.

  • Adhoc Client Nanny Service
  • “I use Thank Evans for occasional babysitting, especially for nights-out. I like very much the fact that the babysitters are always on time and that they also try to meet some time before in order to know my baby before actually baby sitting her. I think the service is excellent and I don’t have anything I really dislike at the moment.”

  • Family Zaccardi – Adhoc babysitting
  • “I have been very pleased with Thank Evans services. The nanny the agency provided had a lot of experience, has always been flexible with additional hours, professional and keen on providing extra services like light housework and picking up food/prescription items. The nanny is family to us and has been extremely caring to our two children. Katie from the office has always been very responsive to phone calls and emails. Overall I would greatly recommend using Thank Evans for childcare services.”

  • Family Kobayashi – Regular Nanny Service
  • “I use Thank Evans as they are reliable and have good staffs working for them. I am impressed with their flexibility and professionalism. I have no problem in recommending their service to any working parents like us.”

  • Family Kumar – Adhoc Nanny Service
  • “Thank Evans provides me with a flexible, dependable childcare service that works around my changing needs. The carers are friendly, professional and show a sincere interest in my children and have adapted well to my children’s changing needs as they mature.”

  • Family Geddes – Term Time Nanny Service
  • Our organisation has been using Thank Evans childcare monthly for various events for some time now. Thank Evans is a very organised company to work with. They are reliable and always on time, or even early. The whole booking process is seamless from the beginning to end. More importantly, the childcare provided is excellent. They have dealt with everything from serious allergies to screaming/crying babies. Personally, I feel at ease having my children in their care knowing they are well cared for and will have a good time, leaving me worry free.

  • Association of American Woman of Aberdeen - Adhoc Services
  • Jackie is very professional yet approachable & caring. Excellent service.
    Would recommend this company to all families looking for childcare, very comprehensive & reliable service.
    A very positive experience from Thank Evans.

  • Vass Family - Term Time Client
  • Rebecca has only been working with us since end of Aug 18 but has made such an impact on our family. Our home is so much calmer as Rebecca is so organised & proactive. I don’t even have to ask her or remind her to do something, she just does it!
    She is really kind & caring with the children too who just love her!
    I would recommend to all working parents to contact Thank Evans.

  • Wilson family - Term time family
  • Margaret has settled in so well with our girls & they enjoy her relaxed style not to mention her macaroni cheese & pancakes!! She is very kind to them & they are lucky to be in their own home after school while she cares for them.
    Excellent service from Thank Evans – recommend them to anyone!

  • Bonsor Family - Regular Client
  • Thank Evans supported us for 6 year and through lots of different phases of life – early mornings, late nights, overnights, after school, I would recommend the service wholeheartedly. We now no longer require this service but our experience has been excellent throughout.

  • Family Brown - Term Time Client
  • We had an excellent relationship with Margaret and Freya. Especially with Margaret who was the main carer for my babies and older son. Margaret is such a great nanny. Any family who has the opportunity to have her helping them with their children are very fortunate. She is loving, caring and very reliable. She adores the babies and children she takes care of. She is very respectful of the family’s preferences and follows instructions and routines wonderfully. She also adds a great value to the process with all her experience. The safety of the children for her is paramount. Thank Evan’s staff were very professional, informative and went the extra mile to help us. We have a very positive experience.

  • Ward Family - Regular Client Nanny Service
  • May I just take the opportunity to thank you for all your assistance, and for the excellent service you provide. I also wish to emphasise how sad we are to have to say goodbye to Roslyn. She’s been absolutely outstanding, and my children really adore her!

  • Term Time Nanny Client
  • Appreciate her balance, feedback & honesty in what has been done. Helpful for me to know these things. She has been very good for our son. Thank you.

  • Regular Client Nanny Service
  • Things with Rachel are great. Our daughter adores her & they already have a special bond. She has been a huge help to my husband I already.

  • Social Work Client Service
  • Very happy with the Nanny’s supervision use of discipline where needed. Very sensible caring attitude. Very happy with the service we have received for the 4th Summer in a row. Thank you.

  • Adhoc Client Nanny Service
  • “My family has used Thank Evans since January 2011. The support Thank Evans has provided is excellent; friendly, professional and fast. On the very rare occasion that issues arose with their staff, the management team dealt with this quickly and with great understanding. I have been very impressed with the staff, with attempts made to ensure that we have the same member of the team whenever possible, and the willingness to make bookings for the odd day several months in advance. This really helped in the planning of life. The Thank Evans team have been very willing to help with pick ups from activities, school, homework and to go the extra mile. I recommend them wholeheartedly.”

  • Family Brown – Term Time Nanny Service
  • “With Thank Evans we have complete peace of mind that our son is being well looked after by a fun, caring and responsible nanny. We can vouch for the excellent care provided through Thank Evans. Going through an agency means that we are free from all the tax issues involved in employing our own nanny, have complete freedom when we book our holidays, get cover for sick leave and have flexibility with changing the hours if required. Katie has made our life so much simpler, and us and our son happy.”

  • Family Allam – Adhoc Services