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    Since launching Thank Evans in 2000, I have had the opportunity to meet & work with some incredible men & women who really do go the extra mile to support our clients.
    We have been privileged to help & support families from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, nationalities, religion and very different family values. The key to our success, I believe, is we adapt to each individual family situation with our very unique personal service.
    Understanding & appreciating each family do things their way while allowing our staff to shine within their own role.
    Our service is tailored to each family and our staff appreciate the very flexible working opportunities, this works especially well for students who can work as much as they can when their studying permits and less or nothing during exams/studying leave etc.
    Our services have grown so much over the years and I am very grateful & proud of my team especially the staff who have been the back bone of the company for many years.
    We all often work alone and when we come together and work as a team at crèches or staff meetings, I enjoying seeing my characters shine.

    Susan Evans

  • Susan Evans - Director
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    “I recently retired in March 19 after working for Thank Evans for 15yrs. Over the years I have taken care of babies to teens and enjoyed seeing the different stages of growth and development. The company introduced me to clients who were requesting a nanny. All staff are supported by Gillian and Susan who are just at the end of the phone. We also had a monthly staff meeting where we are kept up to date with the latest policy and procedures and share our experiences of the month. All our hours worked are noted on a time sheet and signed by the client, no worries about collecting money.Thank Evans nannies are recognised and praised for the quality of service they deliver.”

  • Margaret Finch – joined company Nov 2003
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    “ Thank Evans is a fun and friendly childcare business who are very dedicated to providing high standards of care. I have been a nanny for a few years now and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the company. I have met lots of lovely families and worked with a range of different aged children.
    In my time with the company I have met and made some great friends amongst the staff and overall I am glad I am an employee for Thank Evans.”

  • Vicki Smith – joined company Sep 2011
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    I really enjoy working for Thank Evans and have worked for them on more than one occasion. I previously worked for the company back in 2010 but unfortunately was unable to fit it around my college hours at the time. I was therefore very happy to recently be given the opportunity of rejoining the company and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I enjoy the range of ages of children that Thank Evans cares for and feel that the company is just so well run and friendly.

  • Sarah Barrie - joined company Nov 2017
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    I love working for Thank Evans, the experience I have gained from this job already is incredible. I’m a student nurse so the hours of Thank Evans work perfectly along side that. I love the diversity of the job, you never know where you’re going next! Every job I do I learn something new, whether that’s about children and their development or about myself. This job has presented me with so many opportunities already and Gillian and Susan are great at supporting me with these. It’s an amazing feeling looking forward to going to work each day, and working for Thank Evans, I truly do!

  • Annie Weston Bird - joined company Oct 2017
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    I joined Thank Evans as I am passionate about working with children. I am a qualified Occupational Therapist & the flexibility of the hours allows me to continue to work when I am free. The staff are very friendly and supportive, it is a great company to be a part of.
    The company has provided me with lots of opportunities: training courses, nursery shifts, babysitting at events and being a nanny to a 10 month old girl.

  • Nuala Wilkinson - joined company Feb 2018
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    I am a nanny through Thank Evans and have been on and off for about 4 years now. I love my job and flexibility is gives me, as well as how easily it fits around my other job. The support system within this company is amazing which is why I keep coming back to work for them!

  • Rebecca Buchan - first joined company Aug 2014
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    I love working with children, always have. They make me smile and somehow always make a dull day that little bit brighter. I work for Thank Evans as it allows me work around my own family and commitments. The flexibility and variety of work that is offered by them really suits me and I like the fact that there is always the opportunity to expand my knowledge with training courses should the opportunity or need arise.

  • Claire Caborn - joined company Dec 2018
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    “Having worked as a Nanny previously with Thank Evans in addition to my main job, I found the flexibility great as it allowed me to work the hours that suited my family at the time. Now as Office Manager for the company I have the understanding of what is required from our Nannies & what our client’s childcare needs are. Great company to work for, we have a good team of staff!”

  • Gillian Thom - joined company Aug 2015
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    “I have worked for Thank Evans for several years now and I’d recommend anyone with a passion for child care to join our team. Being a nanny is special as you become part of a family. Thank Evans has supported me in my training, workplace and personally to help me do the job I love.

  • Jackie Crockett - joined company Sep 2004
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    ‘I enjoy the flexibility that working for Thank Evans gives me. Every family I have been introduced to have been very nice and the events that I have had the pleasure of attending have been great fun. ‘

  • Vanessa Howls - joined company Nov 2015
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    I enjoy working for Thank Evans as the company has the same values for helping parents and children as I do. Being able to work closely with families and have a real impact on everyday life in a positive way is amazing. Thank Evans also allows flexibility for staff so we can arrange our own family life, personal hobbies or other commitments whilst working. They offer support and guidance not only to the families we care for but to the staff, arranging first aid courses, child protection courses and more. I chose to work for Thank Evans as it allowed me to dictate the hours I am available to work and be able to work around my own family life and also gives me the opportunity to add extra hours if I am available.

    Why do I work with children? Well these little people are our future, giving a child the best start in life and helping them grow and develop into competent, caring, talented bigger people is the most rewarding position to be in. It is more than just a job it is being there as a role model for their future and also supporting parents who have daily challenges of family life and work. Being trusted with someone’s child is an amazing position to be in.

  • Tracy Norrie - joined company Nov 2016
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    I am glad to be working with Thank Evans, having arrived recently to Aberdeen, originally from Spain, which meant starting a new period in my life.
    I have been given the chance of being part of a staff team with the possibility of widening my experience through their training and working in different childcare settings. I also work regularly with a family who I have built up an excellent relationship with. It is a challenge every day that helps me to grow professionally and enjoying working with children, whom I adore”.

  • Isabel Maestro - joined company Oct 2017
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    “ I love working for Thank Evans I am a Music student at Aberdeen uni and this job is so flexible around my timetable. I have met and made friends with other staff from working in nurseries and working with one family as a nanny. I also really enjoy the opportunities i get to work at different events such as weddings and exhibitions, this job gives you a lot of variety and is a lot of fun.”

  • Helen Lee - joined company Sep 2018